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listen, everybody look i don't know what you're waiting for

Real life shenanigans

Real life shenanigans

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I had to do *something* after the BSG finale frakked with my head on such an epic and blissful level. So I changed the layout. I don't really have that much time at the moment, but I have some small clusters of vids, icons, fic, meta, and whatnot that I'd like to get around to finishing and posting.

Real Life is tormenting me--my new job, while awesome, involves many 15 hour+ days, and only one of the theatres I work at is air conditioned....ack!

I should really sleep--tomorrow I'm working from 9am to 1am on some sort of mash-up of dragon boating and "The Tempest". I don't know how that's gonna end up.
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