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listen, everybody look i don't know what you're waiting for

ramblings and doodles of opalember





June 16th, 2008

Real life shenanigans

I had to do *something* after the BSG finale frakked with my head on such an epic and blissful level. So I changed the layout. I don't really have that much time at the moment, but I have some small clusters of vids, icons, fic, meta, and whatnot that I'd like to get around to finishing and posting.

Real Life is tormenting me--my new job, while awesome, involves many 15 hour+ days, and only one of the theatres I work at is air conditioned....ack!

I should really sleep--tomorrow I'm working from 9am to 1am on some sort of mash-up of dragon boating and "The Tempest". I don't know how that's gonna end up.

June 3rd, 2008

1-20: Doctor Who (from 4.08 "Silence in the Library")

May 22nd, 2008

01-16: Battlestar Galactica (S4 through 4.07 "Guess What's Coming to Dinner")
17-32: Doctor Who (S1-S4 through 4.07 "The Unicorn and the Wasp)
33-40: Grab Bag (Sunshine, 30 Rock, X-Files, misc.)

May 20th, 2008

1-20: Doctor Who (from 4.07 "The Unicorn and Wasp")

I'll be posting a more visually and thematically cohesive DW set as well a much big multi-fandom set later this week--I just got hired to be a venue lighting designer and technician for the Toronto Fringe Festival, and I want to get a good whack of iconing done before then, because a) I have the time now, and b) my design mojo needs practice.

May 12th, 2008

1-30: Doctor Who (through to episode 4.06)
31-34: Doctor Who Monsters of the Week mini-set
35-46: Battlestar Galactica (through episode 4.06)
47: Slings & Arrows
48-49: 30 Rock

Feedback and comments are love.

April 23rd, 2008


Oh boy. This is my first ever set of icons--I blame my brand spanking new (and legal! and free! Sometimes being a former Fine Arts major has its perks)) copy of Photoshop CS3 combined with an excess of time on my hands after finishing school, waiting for my next gig, and my Partner in Crime (my boyfriend, Mr. R.) starting a new day job.

Enough with the blather, on with the icons!

(1-5) Doctor Who (general)
(6-8) Doctor Who (Season 4)
(9-13) Miscellaneous

Comments, much like Daleks, are love.

April 15th, 2008

So, I'm done school....

Well, mostly. I finished my practical classes Friday morning, and had my final performance of my grad show on Saturday. Apart from tweaking my final playwriting assignment (and, of course, the handful of random academic half credits I need to sweep up over the next few months), I'm done. Forever.

And yet I accept a paid job at the school's theatre for 2 days next week. The hell?

Dusting off this old thing because if there's one thing this summer needs, it's epic internet procrastination while I sort my life out.
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